Get redy for the Outdoor season 2024

At Queen® Flowers we have renewed our Queen® Outdoor 4-pack bag with a beautiful new design. There are lovely pictures on the bag that clearly show how the flowers can be used outdoors, and furthermore, provide inspiration on how consumers can incorporate the flowers into their outdoor spaces.

Queen® Flowers Outdoor flowers are incredibly easy summer flowers for planting in pots on the terrace or balcony. With our Outdoor potted plants, consumers are guaranteed fresh flowers that will look beautiful throughout the season and until the first frost arrives.

Danish Horticultural Innovation Award 2024

February 29th we received the Danish Horticultural Innovation Award 2024 for our work on sustainability and genetic development. In our publication "Queen Grows Greener," we not only describe what we are doing to achieve a more sustainable production, but we have also set specific goals, such as reducing chemicals by 2030, which we work on every day to achieve.

We explore all possibilities to become more sustainable, from optimizing large production areas in the nursery to microscopic changes in plant genetics. Here, we utilize the opportunities in molecular biology and ROL-transformation to create a more sustainable production.

Meet us at trade fair

Queen® Flowers has attended IPM Essen in January – one of the world's leading trade fair for horticulture. Our booth received a good amount of visitors, and we showcased a beautiful and unique assortment. We were honored to have Princess Benedikte visit our booth, showing great interest in our Kalanchoe assortment.

The year holds another opportunity for us to exhibit our exquisite, high-quality Kalanchoe range at another trade fair. Meet us next time at FloraHolland on November 5-7, 2024.

We develop the future's sustainable plants

At Queen® Flowers, we work with several projects to become more sustainable. Our production is every day executing projects in our greenhouses, such as reducing sphagnum and reusing rainwater, while our R&D department works with microscopic changes in the genetic makeup of our plants.

An exciting genre of plant breeding exists in molecular biology, where we recently started a project through Eurostar: GreenPlant and together with numerous innovative SMEs and institutions we are researching the opportunities of using molecular biology and ROL-transformation to create a sustainable production.

ROL-transformation contributes to a more sustainable production

But what exactly is ROL-transformation? In brief, it is a process where you use the natural and commonly found bacteria, Agrobacterium rhizogenes, to create small and compact plants. These plants need less water, less light, less nutrients and become more tolerant to stress. This means that we are using fewer resources and pesticides when producing the plants, and thus, the work with ROL-transformation is an important step towards a more sustainable production. 

We are frequently sharing knowledge and findings with our partners in the Eurostar project, and we are continuously discovering new opportunities with this innovative technology to make the future production of plants even more sustainable. Additionally, we have patented our specific method of ROL-transformation. By doing so, we make sure to be the market's most innovative and sustainable grower. 

A Product Development with history

Every day, our Kalanchoe specialists make sure that our flowers continue to be the best on the market. One of our specialists is Alice Petersen who took over from the Kalanchoe Queen herself: Ellen Christensen.

In the spring 2023, Ellen celebrated her 45th anniversary at A/S Knud Jepsen. During the 45 years, Ellen was responsible for the breeding of Kalanchoes, and she has done a marvelous job for Queen®. Today, we are proud to be one of the best Kalanchoe growers in the world.

Ellen passed this important task on to Alice who is now in charge of the breeding process. Every day, Alice and her team continues to develop the most beautiful, long-lasting and high-quality flowers on the market.

The product of proud craftsmanship, hard work and innovation

Every year, our Product Development does around 5000 crossbreedings, and after 3-5 years, only 10 of these crossings pass all our tests and go into production. This process results in beautiful, outstanding varieties all selected for ethylene tolerance, vibrant colours and excellent longevity.

Our Product Development takes each available crop type through numerous tests before starting production. Here, the crops are tested several times for ethylene tolerance. Furthermore, they go through a transportation test and a longevity test – securing that the plants will look beautiful in the end-consumers living room.

For more than 20 years, the Product Development has used these tests to enhance the Queen® Kalanchoe plants, resulting in a unique position on the market and long-term customer collaborations.

We have green ambitions

Since 1998, our sustainability initiatives and environmental improvements have been documented and reported to the Milieu Project Sierteelt (MPS), and we are very proud to hold both MPS-A, MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ.

Furthermore, the reduction of sphagnum in our potting soil is of high priority. Currently, our potting soil consists of approximately 80% sphagnum, but we are moving forward, and our aim for 2026 is to reduce sphagnum in our potting soil by approximately 33%. As an eco-friendly alternative, we will increase the use of natural wood fibre, coconut fibre and controlled compost.

Are you curious about our entire sustainability strategy? Read more here.

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