Unique unboxing

At Queen® Flowers, you not only get beautiful, long-lasting bouquets in stunning colour combinations. When you order a bouquet on our webshop, it is delivered directly to your door in our beautiful, specially designed FSC box. We aim to provide the best experience, so we have gone the extra mile to create a unique experience when you receive flowers from Queen® Flowers. Sending a bouquet to someone you care about is much more than just a bouquet – our packaging is a gift in itself and perfect for sending on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or simply because-you-deserve-flowers days.

Sustainable packaging

The use of packaging is essential for us as it protects our flowers during delivery. However, we have chosen to make it sustainable! That's why our webshop box is made of FSC paper, ensuring that it comes from sustainable and responsible forest areas. In addition to providing a unique unboxing experience, we want to take good care of the environment as much as possible.