Welcome summer with beautiful flowers from Queen® Flowers

We spend all year longing for summer – and now it’s finally here! There’s nothing quite like summertime. Summer equals warmth, presence, outdoor hygge and the buzz of getting together under an open sky. And of course, summer means an abundance of beautiful outdoor flowers. 

Flowers from Queen® Flowers spread weeks of joy and provide the perfect summer atmosphere every day and on special occasions. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful bouquet for your summer table, planters for the terrace, a table decoration for your summer party or a pretty homemade summer wreath to wear around your head or hang on your front door, we’ll have something for you.

Get ready for your summer party

Warm summer evenings, plenty of Danish hygge and dinner in the open air. There’s no better setting for a summer party – at least that’s what we think! Especially if you adorn your beautifully decorated summer table with a fresh bunch of flowers in summery pinks, yellows and oranges. Creating a cosy summer ambience is easy with a beautiful summer bouquet and creative summer decorations.

Both potted plants and fresh cut flowers work particularly well as summer party decor. Choose a light tablecloth, some fancy tableware and coloured wine glasses as your base, then supplement with mini potted plants in clear glass. Or arrange a few flower stems in tall vases and let them stand out as a natural decoration or as a living table runner along with the potted plants. Small summer bouquets as place cards for each guest add a personal touch to your summer table. Gather a handful of stems in a small vase or tie with a ribbon, then simply attach a handwritten name tag.

Want to add a little creativity to this summer’s outdoor parties that’s guaranteed to delight both children and adults? Then homemade flower wreaths are your perfect decor! Our cut flowers and summer bouquets are perfectly suitable for summer wreaths, as they can withstand the summer heat and go several days without water.

Create a beautiful outdoor space with our Queen® Outdoor

Summer calls for beautiful, colourful flowers – both indoors and outdoors. These are the months where we spend longer outside, especially when the sun’s out and the temperature’s up.

With plants and flowers from Queen® Outdoor, you can transform your terrace, garden or balcony into a beautiful and inviting outdoor space where you can while away the hours. Our flowers can withstand all kinds of weather conditions – from sunlight, drought and shade to rain and wind. They bloom all summer long and require little to no care. It’s what makes them the perfect summer flowers for any garden, where having fun in the sun is more important than flower care. You won’t find easier outdoor flowers.

Spread that summer feeling indoors

Sometimes the summer weather can fail us, and hot summer days are replaced by grey skies and heavy rain. But this doesn’t mean you have to do without that summer feeling. Bring summer to your windowsill or elsewhere in your home with both small and large plants from Queen® Flowers. The flowers’ fresh colours bring life at home and remind you of the summer days that await. Whether you want pretty potted plants or a beautiful summer bouquet in your home, the flowers require minimal care and maintenance. They will adorn your home for weeks – until the weather turns and sunlight once again fills the sky.


Beautiful succulents for the summer

Just like our flowers, our beautiful succulents fit perfectly into both your indoor setting and your outdoor space. The cactus-like plants easily withstand the summer heat and add a little edge to your decor.

The succulents come in several different sculptural shapes and shades of green, ranging from a delicate and dusty green-grey shade to a deep, dark bottle green. For a truly stunning mix of colours and decoration, plant them together in a verdant oasis. Or display them individually as beautiful potted plants along with our Kalanchoe flowers. Our succulents are extremely easy plants to manage, as they don’t require much care.

Planning a summer wedding?

For a lot of people, summer means love in the air and invitations to beautiful summer weddings. Maybe you’re the couple who wants to celebrate your vows in a beautiful summer setting? 

We have plenty of wedding inspiration for beautiful flower decorations, bridal bouquets, church flowers, table decorations etc. – all made with long-lasting flowers from Queen® Flowers. We want you to have the ultimate summer wedding with stunning flowers and fine details that make the day even more unforgettable.