Confirmation party

Being confirmed in Denmark is a big day for young people. It’s a lovely tradition filled with joy, celebration and memories. Usually, the day starts with a church service about the transition from child to adulthood, and ends in a special event with guests, gifts, speeches and songs. 

If you are in the process of arranging a confirmation party, you are at the right place. Flowers from Queen® Flowers are ideal for table settings and any other decorations – and perfect for this special spring occasion. After the confirmation party, it is considered both thoughtful and good etiquette to send a beautiful bouquet as a thank you to those who have helped you organise and conduct the event.

Set a beautiful table for the confirmation party

The table setting is an important element of any special occasion – including Danish confirmation parties. A beautiful well-set table with pretty decorations makes your guests feel welcome and provides the perfect setting for the party. Let the confirmand make his or her own mark on the table setting and decor by, for example, letting them choose the theme, colours, napkins and tablecloth. Letting them get involved helps to make it more personal and makes it feel like their special day. 

With the right tableware, candles and beautiful flowers, you can easily brighten up the table even more. We recommend covering the table with beautiful mini kalanchoes in clear, light vases to create a simple and stylish look. Our potted plants also work perfectly as a table decoration if they are placed down the middle of the table. They are available in an array of beautiful colours that will look great on the party table. If you prefer cut flowers, replace the potted plants with our beautiful stems.

In addition to table decorations, you can also use cut flowers from Queen® Flowers for guests’ place cards, either by using single stems or making small bouquets with their names on. A lovely and decorative way to arrange the seating around the table. You can also put a couple of pretty stems by the napkins to give each plate a touch of spring, or make a beautiful container for song sheets from brightly coloured flowers.

Succulents as Table Decor

With succulents as table decor, you achieve a beautiful green look that is perfect when the table setting should be more subdued yet full of finesse and colour.

Our succulents come in various colours and shapes, allowing you to unleash your creativity and incorporate the green element into your table setting just as you like. Here, we've placed a succulent on each plate. It creates a rustic, simple, and clean look that we love. Additionally, we've replaced flowers and table runners with small pots of succulents to complete the look. Each succulent stands out as a detailed, graphic object. So beautiful!

Floral wreaths and hair accessories for the confirmand

Beautiful hairstyles and hair accessories are a must for the confirmand, and something that girls in particular care a lot about. A floral head wreath is perfect for this occasion as it exudes spring and beautifully offsets the white dress. But how can you make a beautiful floral wreath? We show you how.

Don’t feel to attempt your own floral wreath for this year’s confirmand? Then use a few flower stems that can easily be attached to a plait, ponytail, bun or similar. It adds a lovely little detail for this year’s confirmation party.