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The history of Queen® 

Queen® makes your everyday life more beautiful - and has done it for several years!

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Skanderborgvej 193
8382 Hinnerup
CVR: 11757278

Tel.: +45 86 98 61 66 
Fax: +45 86 98 61 99
Mail: queen@queen.dk


All texts can be used without permission as long as www.queen.dk is quoted as the source.
Photos can be used in non-profit purposes, but Queen must be informed by email to mail@queen.dk.

Queen® grows greener

At Queen® we have had a tradition of prioritizing the environment for three generations. We do our utmost to minimize the impact of our production activities on the environment. Our mission is to produce beautiful flowers and plants of the highest quality, which can be bought and enjoyed with a clear conscience. Throughout the years we have optimized our operation and endeavoured to reduce our energy consumption, which has resulted in a wide range of initiatives.

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