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Heat exchangers and heat pumps

It is important for us to minimize our energy consumption on a day-to day basis; the heat exchangers and heat pumps installed in our facilities contribute to an energy-neutral greenhouse and a more efficient use of excess heat.

Heat exchangers have two functions:

     - Energy extraction when it's hot
     - Dehumidification during the night or when it’s cold

The heat pumps have two functions:

     - Processing the energy from the heat exchangers in the greenhouses
     - Cooling the flue gas during the operation of the gas engines or the natural gas fire

By using heat exchangers in conjunction with heat pumps, energy is collected partly from the heat and humidity in the greenhouses, and partly by the extraction of heat from the exhaust gas from our cogeneration system. We have experienced success with heat extraction from the air in several of our facilities via the heat exchangers. From the heat exchangers the water runs into a heat pump, where the temperature is raised from 22 to 65 degrees Celsius, which is then stored. We have the capacity to store 5000m3 of water, which we use to heat the greenhouses via heating pipes.


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