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Queen® grows greener

At Queen®, we have had a tradition of prioritizing the environment for three generations. We do our utmost to minimize the impact of our production activities on the environment. Our mission is to produce beautiful flowers and plants of the highest quality, which can be bought and enjoyed with a clear conscience. Throughout the years we have optimized our operation and endeavoured to reduce our energy consumption, which has resulted in a wide range of initiatives.

Biological protection  

We use biological methods to strengthen the plants, as well as combat diseases and pests during production. Biological plant protection meets our desire for sustainability, while at the same time ensures a healthier work environment for our employees. We work with several biological weapons in the fight against plant diseases and pests: banker plants, soil mites and beneficial fungi, are just three examples of a variety of biological methods that we employ.


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Heat exchangers and heat pumps

It is important for us to minimize our energy consumption on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, we have installed both heat exchangers and heat pumps, both of which contribute to an energy-neutral greenhouse.


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Water consumption and recycling

We collect rainwater from the greenhouse roofs, which we later use for irrigation. The water that the plants do not use is then collected and reused, resulting in 100% efficiency of water usage.


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Energy saving: Grow lights, LEDs and multi-layer production

During production we use both grow lights and LEDs, which each have a positive effect on the environment. In addition, we have installed 2-layer insulation curtains in all our greenhouses.


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MPS Certificates  

At Queen®, sustainability and business go hand in hand. The improvements we make for the sake of the environment are documented on a monthly basis, and the reports are sent to Milieu Project Sierteelt (MPS), who have since 1993, administered an environmental registration and certification program.

MPS is an international authority which classifies how sustainable and environmentally conscious plant nurseries are. Therefore, at Queen® we are proud to have earnt the MPS-A, MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ.


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